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After starving his fans for a month, sungura kingpin Alick Macheso returns to the capital with a gig scheduled for July 18 at Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda.

Macheso who is still in denial following the positive DNA tests for his two children with ex-wife Fortunate “Tafadzwa” Mapako has requested for two more DNA tests with different laboratories.

In as much as his private life is turning into real drama, “Extrabasso”, as Macheso is more popularly known by his adoring fans, still commands a huge following.

It appears fans forgave him for his messy affair with Tafadzwa for whom he penned a song during the happy days.

However, Extrabasso should take it like a man and move on without further causing harm to his already battered reputation.

He should not let his private life affect his music career. Imagine, his first daughter Sharon is set to wed this August and surely he should focus on important issues and put the past behind. His critics believe that there are many people who have been through the same situation as Extrabasso but the difference was in the way they handled the matter.

So for the “Charakupa” hitmaker to continue with the same path he is taking is a bit absurd if not time wasting.

He still has a lot to offer in terms of music and that is the only thing he fans yearn for. His upcoming album has been in limbo for far too long and the whole divorce saga is partly to blame.

His last show at the Andy Millar Hall where he celebrated his 46th birthday proved that despite his marriage woos, Extrabasso is still the darling of the people.

He loves his fans and they love him too. As it stands, there is no one who can stop the Orchestra Mberikwazvo from moving forward except his Almighty.

Band members have come and gone but the band is still intact, In fact, more people are attending his shows now than ever before.

So when he takes to the stage at Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda, fans will be eagerly waiting to see him perform some of his yesteryear hits including “Makandidana” , “Madhawu”, “Shedia” and “Baba naMai” to mention a few.

Extrabasso, a name he got for his amazing bass guitar skills, will be joined on stage by two talented musicians Progress Chipfumo and Jah Prayzah.

Chipfumo and Jah Prayzah have collaborated before and the two work magic whenever they share the stage.

Source : The Herald