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After a successful family show at the venue a couple of weeks ago, Alick Macheso returns to Las Vegas nightclub in Southerton tonight for a gig that promises fireworks. Macheso’s band was recently hit by management squabbles and the musician will be out to prove that his ship is still afloat the local music waters despite the winds that blew away some of his close workers.

The musician has a record of swimming against the tide whenever storms hit his camp and tonight he will be out to show his fans that the recent disturbances did not destabilise his house.

At his previous family show at Las Vegas, Macheso left lasting impressions and tonight he gets personal with adults to show them the other side of his expertise.

Fathers, mothers and their children had immense fun during the family show and Macheso said he is ready to take the “fathers” to another level of joy.

“We did well at the family show and we are ready to take the fathers on a memorable merrymaking journey.

We enjoyed our performance at the venue and we are coming equipped for another memorable show,” said Macheso.

“This is a new venue for us but we have realised that we have many fans from the area. It will be our new hunting ground and we promise more shows at the good venue.”

Las Vegas club manager Yasin Dhala said they have made serious plans for the event.

“Macheso is happy to stage his first Friday show at the venue. We have put everything in place to ensure that we have an outstanding show. We are also happy that the musician is coming to entertain his fans from this area. Many people have been requesting for such a show and we are happy that we will host it for our patrons,” said Yasin.

Las Vegas has hosted numerous popular musicians that include Suluman Chimbetu, Jah Prayzah and Peter Moyo.

Most of the venue’s shows were family affairs but the organisers said they are now moving to all-night shows to make the venue an important outing platform for merrymakers.

Source : The Herald