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Uprising Afro-centric musician Tendai Madzviti,who is popularly known as Tendex in music circles, shared his experience in Germany when he performed at the Zimbabwe-Germany Society over the weekend. Tendex, who was outstanding with his distinctive voice and excellent performance at this year’s Hifa, was in Germany together with Tariro NeGitare, Munyaradzi Nyamarebvu, Fungai Negare and Prayersoul for three months and shared the stage with one of Germany’s best outfits, Jamaram.

At the gig dubbed “Get to Know Us” show, Tendex and his group The Luggards proved that they are a force to reckon with in the music industry given the opportunity and right platform.

He played some of his songs from his first album “Gwendo”. These include the title track “Gwendo”, “Chembere Dzemusango” and “Zvinondirwadza” among others.

He also played the song “Garai”, a collaboration he did with Jamaram. Judging by what happened over the weekend, the song is set to be a hit.

“I had a great experience in Germany, I learnt a lot about music and I can safely say I also managed to surprise them with my afro-centric music especially the mbira instrument which they were not familiar with.

“As you witnessed at my show, my performance has greatly improved,” he said.

He said the tour had motivated him to compile his own combination of German and afro-centric music so as to come up with his own genre.

“The exposure has made me consider doing a blend of German and afro-centric styles which is something that has brought a spanking new feel to the Zimbabwean music industry, something that people are beginning to appreciate.

“I would also want to thank the Zimbabwe-Germany Society for coming up with an initiative that has enabled us Zimbabwean musicians to tour Germany and engage in a cultural exchange,” he said.

Source : The Herald