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JUSTICE Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has vowed to “kick all the thieves” out of government, lamenting the aerse impact of corruption on efforts to revive the country’s struggling economy.

But some in his Zanu PF party would suggest the exit boot should target Mnangagwa himself, along with several others in President Robert Mugabe’s current Cabinet.

The Justice Minister is said to be one of Zimbabwe’s richest individuals, but a Zanu PF provincial chairman and legislator recently called him a mafioso.

Speaking at a prison officers’ pass-out parade in Ntabazinduna last week, Mnangagwa warned: “As Minister of Justice I will endeavour to ensure that those who are corrupt are brought to book and account for their deeds.

“We will kick out all the thieves. Corruption is impeding the economy’s growth as it derails our efforts towards the development of Zimbabwe.”

However, Zanu PF’s Mashonaland West Province chairman and Hurungwe West legislator, Temba Mliswa recently accused Mnangagwa of running, and extensively benefiting from, a Mafia-like operation in the country.

Said Mliswa: He (Mnangagwa) established a mafia operation with John Bredenkamp and used our soldiers in DRC and they (army) never got anything in return.

“Minister Mnangagwa was working with Billy (Rautenberg) and Bredenkamp at that time.”

Mliswa was of course defending himself against allegations of extortion after it was revealed he demanded some $165 million in facilitation fees from Rautenberg.

The former fitness trainer said he was owed the cash after linking Rautenberg with top politicians as the businessman sought to establish his controversial ethanol plant in eastern Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa has long been seen as the likely successor to President Robert Mugabe, providing he can overcome an equally formidable and determined bid by Vice President Joice Mujuru.

But Mugabe, 90 this year, recently muddied the succession waters further by stating that neither of the feuding politicians was guaranteed the top job.

The Zanu PF government has identified corruption as one of its major challenges as it battles to right a faltering economy and deliver on the huge promises made to the electorate ahead of the July 2013 vote.

Mnangagwa said graft in government had become a debilitating cancer and should be flushed out with immediate effect.

“The demanding and payment of bribes has resulted in civil strife and social inequalities with the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor hence it is a cancerous issue that should be dealt with decisively,” he said.

Critics however say the campaign, which has targeted top earning executives of struggling State enterprises and not one of the many Cabinet ministers whose riches remain unexplained, is just a smokescreen aimed at diverting attention from the fact Zanu PF is finding it difficult to deliver the two million jobs it promised.

Source : New Zimbabwe