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Gospel music sensation Sabastian Magacha seems never to run out of steam. The diminutive artiste has collaborated with artistes from genres like Zim dancehall, house, dendera, sungura and hip-hop to come up with a musical mixed bag that is set to take listeners to new levels.

Secular and gospel musicians often collaborate with international artistes like Madonna and R Kelly singing with some church choirs on some pieces. Locally, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mahavave roped in high-riding Jah Prayzah on her album a few months ago.

Magacha has taken the concept further by collaboration with artistes from various genres to enrich his beat and give it a hybrid feel.

It is known that dancehall is the phenomenon in Zimbabwean music circles at the moment, and by engaging the services of top local artistes on his latest album, Magacha said he felt that he had to incorporate other beats to give value to the listener.

“Dancehall or any other type of music has its own merits and demerits and who are we to judge?

“I like the music of Tocky Vibes which is rich in content and this one thing that motivated me to work with a dancehall artiste on this project,” he said

The musician said another reason to do collaboration with many artistes is a way of spreading the word of God.

“Who are we to judge? By engaging more artistes, the industry grows and at the same time I will be preaching the word of God to them.

“So far I can share with you that there are some artistes from different genres that I am working with. We are already writing some songs together and when done, you will be the first to know.

“For a start I have engaged Namibian best selling gospel artiste D-Naff on a house beat.

“The results are quite pleasing and we planning to do a concert in Namibia, marketing the song before doing a video,” he said.

His manager, Benjamin Rupapa, concurred saying: “Magacha has always been collaborating with various artistes like Baba Manyeruke, Mudiwa among others and he has proven to be versatile, hence the decision to work with different musicians from different genres like sungura, Zim dancehall and hip-hop.

“This will not take anything away from him as an artiste but will serve to further enrich him.

“The bottom line, after all, is worshipping and praising God,” Rupapa said.

Asked why Magacha is scarce on the live act scene these days, Rupapa said he was busy with studio work.

“We are still doing shows though a couple of months we kept a low profile because of studio work.

“We want to give our fans the value for their money on the new album, just like what we did on the 2013 album,” he said.

Rupapa revealed that a D album by Magacha is due for release in the first week of April.

This is not the first time that Magacha or simply Saba in music circles has done such a feat.

He has collaborated with students from Sandringham High School, as well as a good number of Zimbabwe’s top crop musicians.

Magacha’s new band African Joy is continuing to scale greater heights as they are set for their 2015 local and regional tour.

Likened to some of South Africa’s gospel musicians in terms of style, Magacha, however, has his unique way of doing things, something which has endeared him to the music loving public.

“Ridza Bhosvo” is one of those.

Source : The Herald