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HARARE City Council human resources committee has resolved that the Town Clerk, Tendai Mahachi, must be sacked on July 1st if the city fails to clear salary backlog for its employees, which now exceeds six months.

The employees stormed the full council meeting, Thursday, and held a silent protest from the public gallery over non- payment of their salaries and arrears.

Following this, the committee chairperson, Wellington Chikombo reiterated dissatisfaction over the failure to clear the arrears in view of reported increase in revenue and reduction in salary bill.

“We don’t want reckless policies that deprive workers of their right. We were told that the Town Clerk called riot police to disperse and unleash terror against city employees who were claiming what belongs to them.

Any leader who uses violence to settle differences is incompetent and from now going forward, calling riot police to settle such issues will be a dismissible offence. In fact, if workers are not paid by July, Mahachi must go home,” Chikombo said to the applause of disgruntled employees.

According to the council minutes, the human capital and public safety director acknowledged that deadlines set at the previous joint meeting of the finance committee had not been met. He attributed the failure to statutory and other commitments.

The corporate services and housing director also aised that the payment of bonuses for 2013 and 2014 to all employees in grades 16 to 15 had also drawn back the payment of salaries by two months.

The council also heard that the number of holidays in April also had an effect on revenue inflows and that the existence of many bank accounts for the city was incorrect.

Considering all this Chikombo said the committee, together with their finance colleagues, had banned the city from hosting splashy workshops which only siphoned thousands of dollars for two months.

“Also, the issue of unnecessary globe-trotting has been banned with effect from today until end of July. We will then look back and reflect on if this move has brought any positive changes,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe