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Gospel musician Tatenda Mahachi has released a video for the song “Ndinoda JesuNgiyamuthanda uJesu”, a collaboration he did with award-winning South African gospel artiste Sfiso Ncwane. The song is on Mahachi’s latest album “Declarations” released early this year.

In an interview, Mahachi said he is happy that he had fulfilled the promise he made when he launched his album. “I want to thank God for taking me this far.

“When I launched my latest offering ‘Declarations’ I promised my fans that I was working on a video for this song and by his grace, the video is out,” he said.

He said the video is set to be launched before the end of this month. “I will be doing a number of shows around the country and in South Africa and by so doing I will be also marketing the new video. I am also currently working on the whole D and it is going to be done in Johanesburg, South Africa, as well,” he said.

The song is in Zulu and Shona, the musicians’ vernacular languages.

Meanwhile, Mahachi said he was on a mission of exporting local gospel music to the region and that is why he laid his vocals in Shona.

“I also sing in English but predominantly in Shona so that our vernacular language is heard outside just as much as the likes of Lundi (Tyamara)come and have shows here and sing in Zulu,” said Mahachi.

Mahachi has mastered the art of collaborations having released another gem with songbird Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana. He said his dream is to simply spread the word of God through music.

Sfiso is a award-winning artiste whose hit song “Kulungile” won the Song of the Year Award for three consecutive years. He has also won accolades in London.

Source : The Herald