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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s promotion of Shuvai Mahofa to provincial minister for Masvingo was received with astonishment by many this week with opposition parties saying there could be no better proof Zanu PF is not concerned about the country’s failing economy.

Mahofa takes over from Kudakwashe Bhasikiti who was dismissed over alleged ties to disgraced former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Seen together with presence in cabinet of the curiously always mum Psychomotor Minister Josiah Hungwe, Mahofa’s appointment was described by the opposition Zunde party as an insult to Masvingo province.

Mahofa’s promotion rewarded her industry in helping hound Mujuru out of office over unproven allegations that she was plotting a coup against Mugabe.

But ordinary Zimbabweans took to social media to express incredulity over the appointment with many wondering what input “such deadwood” would bring to efforts to turn around the country’s struggling economy.

In a statement, the opposition Zunde party said: “Her (Mahofa’s) elevation, which is clearly a reward for being one of Queen Jezebel’s loudest parrots, is an insult to Zimbabweans.

“Other than literally singing and dancing for her supper which culminated in her collapse at the December farcical congress after two hours of wailing and swerving in a poorly ventilated tent, what notable thing has Shuvai achieved in her entire political career?

“Save Conservancy is on the brink of collapse because of Shuvai and her acolytes. We will not waste precious time and space discussing her marital scandals which are a matter of public record.

“While we shed no tears for Mutasa and Bhasikiti who violently made their respective constituencies no go areas for the opposition during their heydays, unequivocally, we condemn the recycling of clueless sycophants. Mahofa is an epitome of that breed.

“Our clarion call to those few men and women in Zanu PF who still have some semblance of conscience, is to resist and oppose this stupid, shameful and desperate promotion.”

The party said while Masvingo was not an intellectually challenged province, having also produced some of the country greatest political and liberation luminaries, Mugabe was in the habit of deliberately choosing the worst possible candidates to appoint as governors and provincial ministers.

“When it comes to governors and provincial ministers, Masvingo has had the worst representation since independence,” the party said.

“First it was incompetent Dzikamai Mavhaire, then the legendary imbecile, Josiah Hungwe, later, it was the known mental case, Titus Maluleke, then village-boy Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and now the mother of immorality, Shuvai Mahofa.

“The only time the province had a sober governor was during Willard Chiwewe’s time but he did not last long in the job because he was probably too smart for somebody’s comfort.”

Mugabe’s decision to appoint provincial ministers also contravened provisions of the country’s new constitution, the party claimed.

“Even before the ink had dried on the new national constitution, Zanu PF and its leader, in typical fashion, have already started violating what the nation regarded to be at least an improvement from the Lancaster House ceasefire document,” the party said.

“The new constitution, in every respect a political compromise or necessary evil, is explicit about provincial committees. More than a year after the constitution was adopted, no provincial committee has been installed.

“Instead, ZANU PF has used the backdoor to appoint governors under the guise of provincial ministers, in direct contravention of the supreme law.”

Source : New Zimbabwe