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PROGRESSIVE Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary general, Raymond Majongwe was last week forced to engage lawyers after controversial Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede had refused to issue him with a new passport.

This is after Majongwe, a known critic of President Robert Mugabe’s rule, had applied for the document through the normal channel but was told he was among a list of marked Zimbabweans who were supposed to be denied travel documents for allegedly being “a security risk”.

PTUZ wrote on its Facebook page: “Comrades our SG is at the passport office in Harare and of interest is the fact that the fingerprints department has refused to attend to him and referred him to a security office where he has been told that they have an instruction from a Ms Mtetwa that he must not be issued with a passport.

“We have not yet establish (sic) who this Mtetwa is but she is not employed there but we have been informed that the SG’s name is on the security list of people who must not be issued with passports.”

Majongwe was later forced to engage lawyers who wrote to Mudede threatening to take him to court if he continued to deny their client a passport.

“Comrades after our lawyers wrote to the Registrar General’s Office on the issue of the SG’s passport one a B Mpala from the same office wrote back ‘Please refer your client to the Registrar General who is ready to assist’,” said PTUZ.

“We are saying to gvt (sic) comrades that it is this uncalled for heavy handedness which cause unnecessary friction and it can honestly be avoided. We are all Zimbabweans first before we are anything else.”

Majongwe was finally issued with the document whose issue date is April 14, 2014 and expires 13 April 2024.

But Mudede felt he could not just issue the burly trade unionist with a passport without summoning him to his office presumably for a free lecture on patriotism.

The PTUZ said it was not going to reveal the details of the meeting via social media describing Majongwe’s meeting with Mudede as tense.

“Comrades our SG finally met the Registrar General cde Tobaiwa Mudede in his office for a good 50 minutes and a number of issues were discussed,” said PTUZ.

“Due to the nature and the sensitivity surrounding the issues discussed and other happenings during the said meeting in the said office, we are unable to share that with you save to say his passport has been processed and will be ready for collection by 1400hrs today in the office of cde Tobiwa Mudede.”

Majongwe, who is currently in Lesotho, could not be reached to verify the authenticity of Facebook posts although he has, in the past, confirmed the Facebook page was indeed theirs.

Majongwe and his union have been the most vocal of the civil servants representative groups that were negotiating for a pay increase with government.

At one point, the militant group, demanded the reopening of the negotiations after it had dawned on them they were outsmarted by the government negotiators.

It is however not the first time Mudede has denied a perceived enemy of the state a passport.

In 2008, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who had defeated Mugabe in the first round of Zimbabwe’s presidential poll, was forced to travel to Morocco on travel documents issued by his Botswana ally, President Ian Khama after Mudede had denied him a new passport.

Mudede, recently added to the US sanctions list, is under fire for refusing with the electronic voters’ roll, something that the opposition insists allowed Mugabe to rig the July 2013 polls.

Source : New Zimbabwe