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THE decision by Harare city council fathers to honour prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has not been received well by residents with some pressure groups arguing that he does not deserve such an award after a one day clean-up exercise.

Some groups said they have been doing clean-up campaigns on a monthly basis for the last ten years yet the city fathers have turned a blind eye on their efforts preferring to honour the United Family International Church (UFIC) leader for a brief campaign.

Makandiwa is said to have led more than 40 000 of his followers to clean bus ranks last Sunday.

Then on Monday, Harare municipality’s Engineer Pfukwa presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

Residents from the Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic and other Pentecostal churches said under the guidance of their leaders and political parties they have been at the forefront of clean up campaigns within their communities for decades.

Precious Shumba of the Harare Residents Trust (HRT) said he was aware that some senior council officials were after easy publicity and were using the “so called prophetic powers” of Makandiwa to cover up for their glaring shortcomings.

“HRT has conducted over 49 community clean up campaigns and the Msasa Park residents have even contributed towards road rehabilitation but we have not been appreciated by the City, because we have questioned their capacities as a council,” said Shumba.

A deacon from the ZAOGA church in Highfield who refused to be named said they are not worried about earthly rewards, but they do clean up campaigns to save communities from the outbreak of diseases.

“We don’t know why people are honoured to remove garbage we need to be schooled on that, but if it makes other people happy then that’s it, as long as our local community are not at risk, we pray happily.

United Methodist church’s David Matereke said it was everyone’s responsibility to live in a clean environment starting from their homes.

Environmental Miracle Mission officials refused to comment but it is one organisation that has led monthly clean up campaigns around the city’s residential areas.

But most members from the UFIC church came out in defence of ‘the man of God’ arguing that all honour bestowed on him was coming from God.

The city council has failed dismally to collect garbage from the communities despite having bought vehicles to do so.

Source : New Zimbabwe