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The most unexpected and disappointing part of any sport is when a team fails to show up for a much anticipated match. Although the expectant spectators will suffer only a momentary disappointment, it is the team that fails to show up that will be haunted by the subsequent consequences of their action.

A shower of excuses will always accompany such scenarios and external justification is not uncommon in cases like these.

This is an analogy of our daily modus operandi. We fail to become active players in the fields of our lives only leaving fate to determine our destiny.

We do not, however, realise the fact that remaining dormant and passive co-partners leaving fate to determine the order of events in our lives, is on its own a choice that we make unaware, that is, without a decision.

Ultimately, we describe a favourable outcome as luck and an unfavourable one as calamity.

People who do not visualise the inevitability of decision making for a successful living have a g External Locus of Control or an external Perceived Locus of Casualty. Every event that takes place in their lives is due to “what happens to them” and not what they do.

It is indeed veritable that some things happen to us, but still more we have the sheer latitude to choose how to respond or react when this happens.

I will indubitably concur with the law of entropy which suggests that disorder is a more stable natural state than order.

As surely as there is gravity, if you live your life in the merciless hands of fate the outcome will be none other than a series of fiascos and great regrets.

Now let me move the curtain aside a little bit and have a closer scrutiny at some real life examples.

It is unequivocally true that the majority of late stage teenagers and those in their early 20s are in relationships or have at some point in time had their own bite of the pre-marriage love cake.

If you execute a survey and the results do not say the majority just found themselves in a relationship at the click of a button without a prior careful consideration, then the authenticity of your findings would be questionable.

People who don’t have a preferred future, the vision deficient ones, don’t know where they are going and as a result any road will reach the car parks of their destinations.

They are born with eyes that look and not eyes that see, live as wishful thinkers and die dreamers pregnant with regrets. Visionary people are decision makers who live a fulfilling principle-laden life and leave a very valuable legacy wherever they set their feet.

When you make a decision, regardless of the nature of the outcome, it is less likely that you will be ever haunted by regret.

It is only when you make a choice unaware that regret will be a consequence. It is this regret that kills vision and takes the place of dreams. You have to be willing to let this idea of laying all the options you have on the table and choosing the best, infiltrate into your mind and make it a habit to have a loud voice over your life other than being a mere spectator.

Be a decision maker not a victim of fate!

Ronald is an U6 student at St Albert’s Centenary High School

Source : The Herald