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MAKOMO Resources Limited has started commissioning its coal washing machine, with production expected to rise three-fold, a senior company official said last week.

The coal washing plant is a facility that removes impurities from coal which is then graded into different sizes.

This new facility will enable the coal mine to broaden its product range.

Presently, Makomo is mainly producing power coal supplied to Hwange Thermal Power Station and the new plant will result in the company supplying a wider range of products.

“The plant has a monthly capacity of 200 000 tonnes and if our current crushing capacity is added, we will able to produce 300 000 tonnes,” said the official in an interview.

The official said the new plant will enable the company to significantly increase exports, particularly to Zambia where the company is making inroads into the market.

“We are supplying coke peas to Zambia but in very small quantities,” said the official.

Makomo invested $14 million in the coal beneficiation plant.

Domestic beneficiation is in line with Zim-Asset, Government’s economic blueprint for 2013 to 2018 that aims to achieve sustainable development and social equity on the back of judicious exploitation of the country’s abundant human and natural resources.

Bindura Nickel Corporation announced recently that it will spend close to $26 million to set up a smelting plant while platinum miners in Zimbabwe have pooled $100 million to kick-start construction of the first refinery for the precious metal soon.

“The plant is a great achievement for us because will are now able to broaden our product range, significantly increase exports and create more jobs,,” said the Makomo official.

Makomo, which started mining operations five years ago has since formed a joint venture with Southern Energy, a Mauritius based company to build a 660 megawatt thermal plant.

Civil works are set to begin during the first quarter next year while the project will take two years to complete from the time of commencement. The power generated will be fed directly into the national grid while the excess will be exported.

Once completed, the project, to be located in Hwange coal fields, is set to become the largest investment into the power sector in 26 years and one of the largest in the country. In terms of coal availability for the Makomo project, there is sufficient coal to kick start the project.

But discussions were already underway with other mining firms to ensure there is enough “fuel” to power the station going forward, the company said.

Makomo employs 550 people.

Source : The Herald