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MAVAMBO leader and former finance minister Simba Makoni has said there was reason for the acrimonious split in the MDC-T, the second to rock the opposition party since 2005.

The MDC-T has effectively split in two with one faction backing party leader Morgan Tsvangirai while the other lines up behind secretary general Tendai Biti.

Said Makoni who backed Tsvangirai in last year’s elections: “I have met all the contending parties and have expressed a view that it should not be like that. It is not in the interest of the democratic cause.”

Makoni was speaking at a recent routine monthly briefing of journalists at his offices in Harare on the role of what he called a Transitional National Authority to prepare the country for normalcy.

“I am not convinced that the issues (at the heart of the MDC-T dispute) are so intense and entrenched as to cause a breakdown,’ added Makoni.

He lamented the “blame game and the big man syndrome” in local politics saying these were the major causes of friction within the opposition movement.

“No one accepts the blame. As Africans we are always in the blame game. The big man syndrome presents itself in the message that says only Robert Mugabe can lead. We all have weaknesses. Your strength compensates my weaknesses,” said Makoni.

The Mavombo leader was quick to refer to history and drew parallels between the MDC-T split and the 1960s ZAPU dispute which saw the formation of ZANU adding that factional fights are a common phenomenon in Zimbabwean politics.

He chronicled the fierce power struggles between President Robert Mugabe and the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, culminating in the formation of ZANU in the 60s.

“What is happening to the MDC is not unique to the MDC. Functional fights are a common feature in Zimbabwean politics… ,’ said Makoni.

Asked on whether he would accept an invitation to a grand coalition by Tendai Biti, Makoni maintained that he would not participate in a coalition of a factional nature that excludes other parties and opposition leaders.

“A coalition excluding Tsvangirai or any other member is not the way out and Mavambo will not participate in that. We want an inclusive grand coalition excluding nobody,’ said Makoni.

Recently, Welshman Ncube leader of the break away party MDC-N told local media that a coalition was imminent but insisted it would not include Tsvangirai.

“A coalition lead by an unquestionable democrat is the way out but I am afraid Tsvangirai does not qualify in that category,” said Ncube.

Source : New Zimbabwe