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Zimbabwe is intensifying the fight against malaria, with new methods and ideas of dealing with the deadly disease being proffered. The new ideas are expected to make people participate in methods of preventing the disease.

Reports in recent years show that some people are not keen to use preventive methods that are deemed as laborious and in some cases not user friendly.

This is why the recent introduction of the Mozzi-B-gonE mosquito repellent on the Zimbabwean market has been welcomed as one of the easiest ways to fight mosquitoes.

The Mozzi-B-gonE mosquito repellent comes in the form of a wristbandbracelet or a simple clip and can be won as a beautiful ornament with an attractive design.

The mosquito repellent comes with a pellet inserted into the bracelet or the clip which can be worn comfortably and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Each pellet can protect an individual for up to 20 days, ensuring freedom from irritating and deadly mosquitoes.

It is the aroma that comes from the pellet which repels the mosquitoes.

This repellent is “fashion conscious”, too, as bracelet’s can match clothes.

Recently, Stanbic Bank partnered Ideal Corp Private Limited, a local company, and donated the new mosquito repellent to children’s homes in Harare..

Ideal Corp markets the new mosquito repellent. Mozzi-B-gonE mosquito repellent, which is usually placed on a wrist or ankle band, will take the fight against malaria to new levels.

The children’s homes that received the repellent were Village of Hope Charity Home, Jabulani Children’s Home, Hupenyu Hutsva Children’s Home and Harare Children’s Home.

Stanbic Bank head of marketing and corporate affairs Mr Palmer Mugavha said:

“We are complimenting Government in its efforts to fight malaria and we hope that we will work with the Ministry of Health for a long time to eradicate malaria in this country,” he said.

“We are hoping that we will join hands with the ministry to fight malaria using different ways.”

Mr Mugavha said they would visit other areas outside Harare donating the mosquito repellent as a way of popularising it.

It is the comfort of the bracelet and that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly which ensures that the new mosquito repellent is welcome by many.

For babies, the bracelet or the clip can simply be hanged on a baby’s pram or pushchair and it instantly prevents mosquitoes from biting the child.

Mosquitoes are by far the most dangerous animals in the world and conservative estimates indicate that they are responsible for hundreds of millions of malaria cases each year.

So, there are ample reasons to take every possible measure to avoid mosquito bites, even without taking into account their terrible, stinging itchiness.

This means the best chance of thwarting the tiny killers is to know how to repel them.

And this is where Mozzi-B-gonE mosquito repellent becomes effective as they can easily be used by the whole family, including children.In fact, the malaria statistics are really shocking as they show that at least 75 percent of all malaria deaths are related with children in Africa, affecting as many as 20 percent of all children under the age of five.

According to worldwide health statistics, a child dies every 30 seconds from malaria in Africa.

“That’s why we saw it fit to start donating the product (Mozzi-B-gonE) to charity homes,” said Mr Mugavha.

With Mozzi-B-gonE, the pellets are infused with natural occurring active ingredients scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes. The pellets are extremely durable and will not in any way be impacted negatively by exposure to water or sweat, making it the ideal solution for all weather conditions and activities.

Ideal Corp marketing executive Mr Craig Bonnar said:.

“This is the smartest way of fighting mosquitoes,” he said. “It has no smoke and is not applied on the body because it is not a gel.

“You do not have to worry about using harmful sprays which can affect your lungs and with this type of repellent one can easily compliment the use of mosquito nets since it is effective on its own.”

The Mozzi-B-gonE mosquito repellent was also popularised during a SADC malaria programme dubbed: Race Against Malaria campaign being taken to different countries in the region.

The programme was taken to malaria infested places like Victoria Falls and Kariba and to regional countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Zimbabwe, the mosquito repellent is already on the shelves of a number of pharmacies and has attracted interest from the people.

Source : The Herald