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A KEZI white commercial farmer who is resisting eviction by a CIO spy has been summoned to appear at the Gwanda magistrate court for illegally occupying gazetted land bringing to thirteen the number of people who have been charged over the raging farm wrangle this week.

According to a schedule of set down cases, Peter Cunningham of Maleme Ranch in Matobo has been summoned to appear in court next Thursday for refusing to pave way for Rodney Mashingaidze who has since been allocated the land.

Twelve villagers were arrested Monday for allegedly kidnapping a man employed by the CIO spy.

The villagers have been resisting attempts to evict Cunningham arguing he has been helping them in various farming projects.

The ranch is also home to Ebenezar Agricultural Training centre that also provides agricultural lessons for young orphans.

The Maleme issue has raised widespread rumpus across Matabeleland South with activists saying the state was deliberately allocating pieces of land to outsiders as a way to further side line the region.

Cunningham is the second white commercial farmer to be dragged to court for failing to pave way to Mugabe’s spies.

Timothy Sean White of Lot 2 of 36 Essex Vale Estate Avalon Farm in Esigodini will face trial next Wednesday after he refused to vacate his piece of land and pave way for another spy Zenzo Ntuliki.

Craig Markram Edy, Peter Cahill, Barbara Nel and James MacDonald Crawford are among other farmers with pending court cases over their failure to vacate gazette land.

The state argues that in 2003, a notice was given in terms of the Land Acquisition Act indicating that it was the President’s intention to compulsorily acquire farms for the purposes of resettlement.

In terms of the Gazetted Land Act the six farmers were supposed to vacate their land in February 2007 when the Act became operational but the farmers did not comply.

Source : New Zimbabwe