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FIFA development officer for Southern and Eastern Africa Ashford Mamelodi has expressed confidence in the new zifa board after conducting a two-day induction workshop in Harare.

Mamelodi said they were leaving Zimbabwe confident that the game was in good hands.

“Very briefly at the request of zifa my colleague Patrick Onyango and I came to Zimbabwe on an induction mission purely to try and induct the new board,” said Mamelodi.

“This is a strategy that fifa uses for especially new executive committees. We feel it’s important that they get to understand their roles better.

“So, essentially, it was the governance mission where we were engaging on issues of governance in terms of their roles as executive members visa-vie the roles of the secretariat which is really an implementation arm of the executive committee of zifa.

“We are delighted that even within the first 100 days the zifa executive committee found it pertinent that this seminar takes place.

“Key leaders are determined to hit the ground running, they are aware of the challenges that are there and the impression we have is that they are ready to take these challenges head-on. And we leave Zimbabwe confident.

“Football here is in good hands, what the executive committee needs is the support from other stakeholders because they run football on behalf of this nation and the more support they can get I think the better they are likely to produce.”

Mamelodi said they also had the opportunity to highlight some of the programmes offered by fifa so the board members have an idea of how they can benefit from such programmes.

“Obviously there are other programmes that zifa has asked for. They have asked for what we call the performance programme wherein fifa then does an organisational review followed by leadership retreat,” said Mamelodi.

“Now the performance programme is basically a two to four-year programme where if you like we babysit an association on operational matters.

“For example, if zifa then decides that maybe communication or marketing or finance are areas they need help then fifa can send in expertise and even help with the challenges around including that particular department.”

Mamelodi said zifa needed to appoint a technical director and must get confirmation on the land they are going to build their new headquarters.

“We are hoping that very soon zifa will come back to us on the piece of land for their headquarters where we can build the new headquarters for zifa.

“The funding has been approved by fifa.

“If they can’t get that piece of land what alternative do they have?”

zifa board member, Fungai Chihuri, hailed fifa for their assistance.

“I would like to thank fifa for heeding our call for induction. It was very pertinent in terms of us appreciating and understanding the roles that we need to be undertaking.

“We would like to reaffirm our commitment and also to reaffirm that the board is already engaging what we have learnt in the past two days,” said Chihuri.

Source : The Herald