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A CHIREDZI man last week allegedly attacked three female neighbours with a machete before kidnaping and raping one of them four times, a local court heard.

Japhet Maphosa, 28, denied rape but admitted assaulting the woman when he appeared before magistrate Judith Zuyu on Monday.

Giving evidence, the rape victim told how she, together with her sister and her daughter (ages not given), were walking home from a local market when they met Maphosa riding a scotch-cart and going the opposite direction.

The court heard that Maphosa, a herd boy at a neighbouring homestead, promised to carry the women in his scotch-cart on his way back to save them from walking a long distance as they were still very far away from home.

On his return, the women told Maphosa they did not have money to pay for the lift and he agreed to take them free of charge.

According to prosecutor, Sofia Busvumani, after travelling a short distance, Maphosa suddenly told the women to get off his scotch-cart, saying he had other plans and was no longer going home.

The court was told that the women disembarked and they parted ways.

However, after walking for a distance, the women saw Maphosa suddenly appear behind them wielding a machete and a knobkerrie.

He ordered the women to sit on the ground but they refused.

Infuriated Maphosa allegedly struck one of them on the head with the machete and she collapsed, unconscious, on the ground.

The other two fled the scene and Maphosa gave chase and soon caught up with them. He struck one on the hand, inflicting a deep cut and continued with the beating before dragging her to the roadside where he raped her twice, while the other one fled home.

As if that was not enough, Maphosa is said to have dragged the woman he raped to where he left his first victim and ordered them to hand over all their belongings which included mobile phones and some cash.

The court was told that Maphosa then dragged his rape victim to his homestead were he further sexually assaulted her twice before letting her go.

As the woman staggered home, she met her sister who was now in the company of their uncle and they proceeded to Maphosa’s homestead, “apprehended him” and took him to the police.

In his defence, Maphosa denied rape and said he only attacked the woman after they refused to pay for the use of his scotchcart. He told the court that the woman had agreed to pay $9 for his scotch cart.

The magistrate remanded him in custody to May for continuation of trial.

Source : New Zimbabwe