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An abusive man poured paraffin on the entire house, his wife Kudakwashe Masharu and two children, in a bid to set them ablaze following a misunderstanding, the Harare Civil Court heard. Masharu claimed at the court that her husband Robert Chapita was in the habit of assaulting her with an iron bar. She was seeking a protection order against Chapita whom she accused of breaching her peace.

“He once poured paraffin on the entire house, me and the children before trying to set us ablaze,” she said.

Masharu told magistrate Mrs Babra Masinire that Chapita was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her with an iron bar in front of their children.

“My husband is violent towards me at all times,” she said.

“He embarrasses me in front of our children and this is now affecting their performance at school.”

Masharu said she was now living in fear of losing her life because of Chapita’s violent behaviour.

“I want this honourable court to bar him from verbally and physically abusing me because he is making my life horrible,” she said.

Chapita failed to show up at the court.

Mrs Masinire granted the protection order in default which barred Chapita from verbally or physically abusing Masharu.

She also ordered Chapita to keep peace towards Masharu at all times.

Source : The Herald