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A CHIVI woman was axed to death after she confronted her husband over his adulterous relationship with a prostitute.

The husband, Wilson Muzondo, 48, from Sitomu village under headman Mudyandove, is now on the run.

Muzondo axed his wife twice on the head after she confronted him over his infidelity.

Acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna, declined to comment on the incident.

But sources within the police said Muzondo left his home on July 18 in the company of his 19-year-old son Fortune to collect debts.

They collected $100 and shared $50 each at Mhandamabwe Shopping Centre with the father deciding to stay for a drink while the son proceeded home.

“Muzondo started partying at Mhandamabwe Business Centre for two days and his wife was tipped by some villagers that her husband was staying with a prostitute at the business centre,” the source said.

“The wife then visited the prostitute’s residence where she verbally assaulted her husband for the spending spree. She then returned home.”

The husband is said to have been incensed by his wife’s actions.

When he returned home on July 20, he met his son who was on his way out to collect the family’s donkeys.

“No one knows what really happened but when his son came back from collecting the donkeys he saw his mother lying dead in a pool of blood with two deep cuts in the head. His father was nowhere to be found,” said the source.

The police have since launched a man-hunt for Muzondo.

Source : New Zimbabwe