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A Harare man recently startled the court when he insisted he could not pay maintenance for his alleged child because he only had protected sex with the mother, rendering him out of any paternity claims.

Charles Makura claimed Alice Matanda was forcing him to maintain another man’s child.

He made the revelations at the Harare Civil Court where he was summoned by Matanda who was claiming $180 per month for the upkeep of their minor child.

“I cannot pay anything towards the upkeep of that child until we go for paternity tests because as far as I am concerned, I only had protected sexual intercourse with Matanda three times,” he said.

Makura told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that he was not the biological father of Matanda’s child.

“How on earth can she fall pregnant from me when we had protected sex? I can only give her $15 per month for the upkeep of that child while we await paternity tests,” said Makura.

Makura claimed that he was not employed, saying he was living on part-time jobs.

Matanda had submitted that Makura was not contributing anything towards the upkeep of his child, yet he was employed as a secretary at Old Mutual.

He is capable of paying the $180 per month for the upkeep of his child because he earns a lot of money from his job, she said.

Matanda told the court that Makura was neglecting his child leaving the burden on her.

Ms Kamangira ordered both parties to come to court on March 26 for ruling.

She ordered Matanda to bring proof that Makura was an employee of Old Mutual.

Source : The Herald