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A MUTARE man was dragged to the civil court Monday by his wife for allegedly sleeping with his girlfriends in front their children and at their matrimonial home.

Betty Haisvosvi told the court that her husband, Tendai Nherera, was in the habit of bringing girlfriends and sleeping with them in front their children.

Haisvosvi said she caught Nherera sleeping with one of his lovers in their bedroom when she returned from a funeral.

“He is in a habit of bringing his girlfriends home and sleeping with them in front of our children.

“When I asked him why he was doing such an evil thing he assaulted me and chased me out while I was naked,”Haisvosvi told the packed court.

Nherera however, denied the allegations claiming the said girlfriend was a local woman who had come to collect her money.

“Your Worship I never slept with any woman in front of my kids. When my wife returned from funeral around 2100 hrs she saw me with a woman sitting in our bedroom but she had come to collect her money,” said Nherera leaving the packed court in stitches.

He said he only assaulted his wife after she refused to serve him food.

Magistrate Yeukai Chigodora granted a Haisvosvi peace order.

Source : New Zimbabwe