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THE Love for beer cost a man from Zimunya, in Manicaland, his life after he mistakenly downed a pesticide thinking it was Zed, an illicit beer from Mozambique.

Manicaland police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector, Luxon Chananda, said Painosi Mahanjana, 47, of Matura Village in Burma Valley died at his homestead after taking the poison.

Neighbours said, on the day in question, Mahanjana went for a drink at Zimunya Shopping Centre with friends and returned home drunk, taking some of the potent brew with him.

He is said to have placed the illicit beer (Zed) at the same place where he also stored Tamaron pesticide which was also kept in an empty Zed container.

According to police, after some minutes, Mahanjana decided to have a swig but mistakenly took the Zed bottle with the poison and downed it.

He then started complaining of stomach pains and his wife, realising what had happened, gave him milk to try and neutralize the poison.

The treatment did not work and Mahanjana died before he could be rushed to hospital. Police ruled out any foul play.

Source : New Zimbabwe