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A 32-year old known mental patient from Stanmore in Matabeleland South has been rushed to a Bulawayo hospital after he drove a 6cm long roofing nail into his head.

Promise Dlamini (32) was brought to Gwanda hospital on Saturday, five days after he nailed himself.

A brother only discovered on Saturday that Dlamini had driven a nail into his head.

He was later transferred to the United Bulawayo Hospital with the nail still stuck inside his head.

A medical expert who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed seeing Dlamini at UBH Sunday morning.

He reportedly looked well and spoke freely but, according to the expert, he is in “real danger”.

“It’s a miracle that he has survived for so long but now the danger is to remove the nail as it may lead to his death specialists will attend to him,” he said.

Sources said Dlamini has a history of mental illness and has been in and out of hospital.

In January last year a 55-year-old Chinese man had a lucky escape after an 8cm-long nail ripped into his skull while he was doing DIY.

He did not realise the nail had penetrated his head while he was using a cutting machine when decorating his home.

Yang had the nail successfully removed by neurosurgeons in Nanjing hospital, in China’s Jiangsu province.

Lack of psychiatric institutions in Matabeleland South province has seen mentally-ill patients being released to the custody of their families without undergoing rehabilitation.

Last year, another patient caused a stir in Gwanda town after driving off in an ambulance.

Polite Ngwenya drove for almost 40km until he stopped at his rural home in Magwe.

Source : New Zimbabwe