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A member of the Zimbabwe National Army who faked his mother’s death and claimed $700 bereavement money from a funeral assurance company was yesterday spared jail after he was ordered to perform 70 hours of community service.

Martin Bhunu (31) approached the Registrar-General’s Office and applied for his mother’s burial order, which was granted.

Bhunu was convicted of fraud on his own plea of guilty.

Magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe sentenced Bhunu to six months in prison before suspending two months on condition of good behaviour.

Another two months were set aside on condition he restitutes the $700 while the remaining two months were suspended on condition that he performs 70 hours of community service.

Prosecutor Mrs Idah Maromo proved that on November 14 last year Bhunu went to the Registrar-General’s office at Market Square in Harare.

He misrepresented to the officials that his mother had died and applied for a burial order, which was given.

On November 17 Bhunu approached Foundation Funeral Service where he applied for cash towards his mother’s funeral and was given $700.

The issue came to light in December when Bhunu’s mother, a pensioner, realised that the pensions office had not deposited anything in her account.

She went to verify with the pensions office and was told that she had been declared dead.

Bhunu’s mother verified with the Registrar-General’s Office and discovered that she was no longer in the database.

A report was made to the police, leading to Bhunu’s arrest.

Source : The Herald