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A man from Makosa in Mutoko reportedly fatally struck his girlfriend with a stone on the head on Christmas Eve after she had refused to work in the fields with him.

Peter Chiwaya (31) of Tambudze Village under Chief Chimoyo fled after killing Taneta Karimbika (36).

Sources said Chiwaya had been living together for the past five years.

On the fateful day, they said, Karimbika proceeded to a nearby homestead to collect maize-meal in the company of Chiwaya’s relative who was identified as Solomon Wasarirevhu (18).

While on their way to the homestead, Chiwaya allegedly followed them.

After catching up with them he asked Karimbika to follow him to the field, but refused.

The sources said Chiwaya was infuriated by Karimbika’s response and started assaulting her.

Upon seeing that Chiwaya was assaulting Karimbika, it is alleged that Wasarirevhu intervened to no avail as he was overpowered.

Chiwaya, sources said, went on to pick up a big stone and struck Karimbika once on the head.

Karimbika fell to the ground bleeding profusely, but Chiwaya continued striking her on the head several times with the same weapon.

After noticing that he had killed her, Chiwaya fled the scene, leaving Wasarirevhu with Karimbika’s body.

Wasarirevhu informed fellow villagers about the incident whereupon the case was reported to the police.

Meanwhile, a Harare man has run away from home after his ex-wife and her relatives threatened to beat him up for refusing to take the woman back as his wife, the Civil Court heard yesterday.

Charles Ngonzwe told the magistrate Mr Brighton Pabwe that he was now leaving in fear and pleaded with the court to grant him a peace order against Cecilia Chi- kafa.

Ngonzwe said he separated with Chikafa in August this year because she was violent.

He pleaded with the court to grant him a peace order against Chikafa saying his life was in danger.

Mr Pabwe granted the protection order which barred Chikafa, who was not in court, from verbally or physically abusing Ngonzwe.

He ordered Chikafa to keep peace towards Ngonzwe at all times.

Source : The Herald