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A ZAKA man has been slapped with an $80 fine for whipping his 91-year-old uncle resulting in the nonagenarian spending three days in hospital.

Onani Manyenyezero, (34) of Zvokuda Village, Chief Ndanga, was convicted on his own plea of guilty by the Zaka resident magistrate Constance Mutandwa for bashing his father’s elder brother, Zvokuda Munyuki for suspected witchcraft.

Manyenyezero believed that Munyuki had something to do with the illness of his brother, Zuze Manyenyezero’s one-year-old baby.

He then whipped his uncle leading to the hospitalisation of the nonagenarian for three days in Ndanga Hospital.

Manyenyezero told the court this week that he did not mean to harm Zvokuda but only to inflict some pain.

In mitigation he said he is a married man with a wife who is not feeling well that he is taking care of.

Magistrate Mutandwa fined him $80 or alternatively 30 days in prison.

Source : New Zimbabwe