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A NYANGA man who killed his grandmother accusing her of sexually molesting him in his dreams was slapped with a 14 year jail term by High Court Judge, Justice Hungwe.

Gift Nziradzafa, 33, used a stick to assault his granny Cecilia Nziradzafa, 82, all over the body after she denied the molestation accusations levelled against her.

In delivering the sentence Justice Hungwe said one should not use witchcraft as an excuse to kill another.

He said there were other ways of resolving such disputes rather than taking someone’s life.

Prosecutor Jane- Rose Matsikidze told the court that Gift, on August 11 2013, teamed up with his two friends and went to Katerere business centre where they drank opaque beer from 10 am to 7pm.

A drunken Gift then went home where he interrogated his grandmother demanding to know why she was appearing in his dreams and sexually molesting him for three consecutive days.

Cecilia reportedly got angry and a quarrel ensued.

Gift picked up a stick and assaulted her all over the body.

Gift told the court that Cecilia was responsible for the death of his brother adding that in 2007 a certain traditional healer from Chipinge had confirmed to the family that indeed she was responsible.

Gift also said her grandmother was ill and was too old and as such his beatings could not have caused her death.

“Your Worship my granny was too old and was about to die so I cannot say the beating caused her death,” said Gift.

A post-mortem, which was shown to the court as exhibit, indicated that Cecilia had bruises on the left side of her face, head injuries, a fracture on the right hand and a torn ear.

Source : New Zimbabwe