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A MAN from Zimunya in Manicaland was on Thursday slapped with a 22-year jail sentence by High Court judge, Justice Charles Hungwe for assaulting his wife to death over a piece of biltong which had been eaten by a dog.

Misheck Brighton Manyengawana, 30, of Manyengawana Village under Chief Zimunya was found guilty of murdering wife, Rhoda Bonyongwe, in cold blood in November 2013.

Public Prosecutor Jane-Rose Matsikidze told the court that on November 10, 2013, Manyengawana brought home some fresh meat and ordered his wife to make biltong by drying it on fire.

He proceeded to a nearby business centre where he drank six bottles of Zed, a potent but illicit Mozambican brew.

Around 1700 hours, Manyengawana went home drunk and was told that a dog had fled with his meat.

This incensed Manyengawana who started assaulting his wife who was about to take a bath.

Fearing for her life, a still naked Bonyongwe fled to their aunt’s homestead where she sought refuge.

Testifying in court, the aunt said the now deceased woman had blood oozing from her mouth and a deep cut on her leg.

She said after noticing this she locked Bonyongwe in one of her rooms but later released her after the husband followed 30 minutes later and threatened to vandalize window panes if she did not release his wife.

Bonyongwe was released and Manyengavana assaulted her again with blows on the head until she fell on the ground.

He dragged her back to their homestead where he assaulted the woman with logs.

At around 0200hrs, the accused went to his mother’s homestead where he reported that his wife was breathing hysterically.

When the aunt arrived at the couple’s home she saw her two grandchildren aged five and three, sleeping besides their mother’s corpse.

The court was told that the mother had a deep open wound on the head exposing the skull.

In his defence, Manyengavana blamed his actions to excessive drinking of beer and evil spirits.

“I loved my wife it is unfortunate I was in a drunken stupor or it was the act of evil spirits which are common in our traditional culture,” said the accused during mitigation.

In his ruling, Justice Hungwe, noted that cases of domestic violence were on the increase in Manicaland province and said a long custodial sentence would send a clear signal to society that such acts of violence are not tolerated in a modern society.

“Cases of domestic violence are on the increase in Manicaland province and long custodial sentences will send clear message to the society that such acts of violence will not be tolerated in a modern society,” said Justice Hungwe.

Source : New Zimbabwe