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A “JEALOUS” man who axed a volunteer cop who had come to arrest him for domestic violence has been sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Bongani Mudenda, 28, of Gole Village in Binga told the court that he killed Peter Mudimba because he suspected he was having a sexual relationship with his wife Samukelisiwe Mpofu.

Justice Martin Makonese, on circuit in Hwange, told Mudenda that he was lucky to escape the hangman’s noose because the court found special circumstances.

“You gruesomely killed a person who had come to make sure peace prevails between you and your wife because you were very jealous and violent. This court is concerned about the upsurge of crimes of passion and will not stop giving deterrent sentences,” said Justice Makonese as he found Mudenda guilty of murder with actual intent.

The judge said Mudenda had tried to fabricate a defence in court claiming that he had been provoked by his wife’s behaviour.

He said in extenuation, the court found that Mudenda’s actions were an accumulation of his possessiveness and jealousy which resulted in him committing the crime.

“The murder was gruesome but the court considers the nature of your relationship with your wife. You are sentenced to 30 years in prison,” said Justice Makonese.

Mudenda and Mpofu met in February last year and moved in together in March.

The court was told that the relationship was rocky as Mudenda regularly assaulted his wife accusing her of flirting with other men.

The woman also told the court that Mudenda would follow her everywhere so that no men could talk to her.

Mpofu fled from her matrimonial home and sought refuge at Kamativi Police Station on November 20 last year, the court heard.

After three days, the police sent her to Chief Pashu’s kraal so that her case could be heard at the chief’s court.

The State’s case was that on November 24, 2014, Mudimba was sent by Chief Pashu to accompany Mpofu to her matrimonial home so she could collect her clothes and two-year-old son.

Mpofu was supposed to return to the Chief’s homestead to reside there waiting for a court date when her hubby was going to appear at the Chief’s court.

Mudimba was supposed to summon Mudenda to the court.

“Mpofu and Mudimba met Mudenda on the way and proceeded to the couple’s homestead where Mudimba was supposed to relate his mission to Mudenda’s father. While there Mudenda lured Mudimba into his bedroom hut and struck him twice with an axe before locking the doors and kidnapping Mpofu and her son,” said the prosecutor Namatirai Ngwasha.

The court heard that Mudenda and his wife fled but he was arrested at Mlibizi trying to escape into Zambia.

Source : New Zimbabwe