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A 39-year-old man will serve 18 months in prison for lying that he was Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri’s son.

Everisto Jemwa of Hatcliff in Harare pleaded guilty when he appeared before Bindura magistrate, Elisha Singano facing charges of fraud.

He was slapped with 24 months imprisonment of which six were suspended for five years on condition that he does not within that period commit any offence involving dishonesty.

Jemwa was jailed 18 months without the option of a fine.

Prosecutor Guni Guni told the court that on May 9 this year, Jemwa went to Freddy Chihuri’s residence (brother to Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri) and lied that he was the biological son of the Commissioner General.

He also claimed all the benefits enjoyed by Chihuri’s other children.

Jemwa unlawfully and intentionally misrepresented himself, intending to deceive Chihuri or prejudice the Police Commissioner General, the State said.

The court also heard that Jemwa went on to say that his mother had relocated to Zambia long back after revealing to him that his biological father was Chihuri.

Freddy gave Jemwa accommodation from May 9 to 10. The day after he left, Jemwa was arrested in connection with the case and an identification document bearing the names Everisto Chihuri with national registration number 68-040495-J-68 was recovered from his wallet.

It was also discovered that Jemwa’s mother, Florence Muchemwa was in Zimbabwe and not in Zambia as he had claimed.

Source : Zimbabwe Standard