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A 53 year old Mvuma man has been slapped with an effective 14 years, nine months in jail for raping his daughter aged 11.

The accused entered the spare bedroom of his daughter, a grade four pupil, and covered her mouth with a blanket before raping her once.

The rapist, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, appeared before regional magistrate, Colet Ncube.

The state’s case was that the father failed on his first attempt to rape his daughter and then succeeded on the second attempt.

The details are that on an unknown date in March 2014 the complainant was on her way from school when she met her father who led her to a bushy area.

Once in the bush the accused grabbed the complainant by the right hand wrist, undressed her and tied her to a tree.

He then produced a knife and threatened his daughter with death if she made any noise but failed to carry on with his heinous plan after a car stopped near the scene.

He (father) quickly untied the complainant and led her to her grandmother’s place where he left her before he proceeded to his homestead.

During the April school holidays this year the complainant went to stay with her father at his homestead. Whilst she was asleep in the spare bedroom the father, armed with a knife, entered and covered her mouth with a blanket to stifle her screams.

He undressed the complainant and raped her once before threatening her with death.

In September this year while in Norton the complainant’s grandmother noticed that her granddaughter’s behaviour had changed and upon questioning her she narrated her ordeal.

A report was made to ZRP Norton police leading to the arrest of the accused.

A medical report produced in court showed the girl had been sexually abused.

Source : New Zimbabwe