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A CHIVI man who beat up a suspected thief to death was this week jailed for an effective three years in prison.

Edson Nyeche, 49, of Chief Madamombe’s area was initially charged with murder but High Court Judge Francis Bere, on circuit in Masvingo, convicted him of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

The Judge sentenced him to five years imprisonment but suspended two years on conditions.

Prosecutor Elson Chavarika told the court that on January 13, 2010, Nyeche and son, Joram Homela, were commissioned by one Unique Maune to look for the deceased who he suspected to have robbed him of $170.

Nyeche and Joram found the suspect drinking beer at Mbhiza Bottle Store and asked him to accompany them to Maune’s home.

Along the way, the suspect became un-cooperative as he refused to go with them and also denied stealing the money.

Nyeche and Joram armed themselves with switches from Mopani trees and assaulted the man all over the body to force him to accompany them to Maune’s residence and to disclose whereabouts of the stolen money.

The court heard that, after the assault, Nyeche also stripped the suspect except for his undershorts as he searched for the stolen money.

He left the victim lying helpless on a path. He was found dead the following.

When Nyeche learnt of the death, he handed himself over to the police.

Source : New Zimbabwe