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A 35-year-old Nkayi man has been jailed for 35 years after he fatally axed his pregnant girlfriend 12 times for ending their affair.

Ndabezinhle Ncube of Tshugulu area was found guilty of murder with actual intent when he appeared before High Court judge Martin Makonese on circuit in Hwange.

Ncube openly wept in court as he described how he loved Thobekani Masuku to the extent that he sold his property to earn money for her medication.

Masuku was married to South African-based Musa Mbano and the couple had a two-year-old child.

But she had an affair with Ncube by whom she was pregnant at the time of her death.

The court was told that Ncube got angry when Masuku told him that her hubby had come back home and she was going to reconcile with him. He then axed her in front of her nine-year-old nephew.

“I was overpowered by the devil when she told me that she was reconciling with her hubby because I loved her. She had cancer and I sold all my belongings and did menial jobs to pay some prophets and for her medication to save her life because I wanted to marry her.

“She had lied that they had separated with her husband. I got angry when she told me she was reconciling with him yet I had abandoned my wife and three children for her and sold my property to take her to hospital since I wanted to marry her,” said Ncube as he struggled to contain tears.

The judge said Ncube had committed a gruesome act of murder and deserved to be locked away for a long time.

“You realized that if you could not have her no one then should and decided to kill her. You should have sought other means of dealing with the issue than to kill her. You are sentenced to an effective 35 years in jail,” said Justice Makonese, adding that he found an extenuating factor in that he was provoked.

Masuku’s nephew testified in camera because of his traumatised state. The boy was moved to South Africa by his family because he was hallucinating after witnessing the gruesome axing from only 10 metres.

The murder took place on April 29 last year when Masuku was coming from the clinic with the nine-year-old boy.

Prosecutor, Namatirai Ngwasha, said the murder was gruesome and traumatising to the boy who watched his aunt axed three times before he fled from the scene.

“Ncube met the deceased and her nephew along a footpath on their way from the clinic. The two started talking about their affair and a misunderstanding ensued. They asked the boy to excuse them and he was standing 10 metres away when his aunt was struck three times by the accused. The boy fled in fear and Ncube continued axing his victim,” said Ngwasha.

She said Ncube attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in the river but ended up throwing the axe into the water before fleeing to his aunt’s place in Zhombe where he was later arrested.

The post mortem report showed that Masuku was axed 12 times.

Source : New Zimbabwe