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A man looted his wife’s clothes and their entire matrimonial property and gave it to his girlfriend, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday. Tamari Mangwiro claimed her husband’s girlfriend Chido Fusire physically abused her when she went to her house to inquire on her husband’s whereabouts.

Fusire was seeking a protection order against Mangwiro whom she accused of hiring thugs to physically abuse her.

“She is in the habit of coming to my house to physically abuse me because her husband ditched her for me,” she said. Fusire told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Mangwiro was also sending thugs to her house to harass her.

Mangwiro denied the allegations and accused Fusire of ruining her marriage.

“She is the one who influenced my husband to loot all our matrimonial property and take it to her house,” she said.

Mangwiro claimed Fusire was the one who attacked her on the day she went to her house to inquire about her husband’s whereabouts.

“I am currently living in an empty house and to make matters worse my husband also looted our minor child’s clothes and both of us have no clothes to change,” said Mangwiro.

Mr Nyatsanza dismissed Fusire’s application due to lack of merit and accused her of ruining Mangwiro’s marriage.

Source : The Herald