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A 35-year-old woman allegedly raped by Abundant Life Global Ministries bishop Danmore Magorimbo on Thursday broke down in tears while narrating how the ‘man of God’ zombified her before sexually assaulting her. Magorimbo allegedly raped the woman after convincing her that it was a cleansing ceremony of evil spirits deposited into her womb by her husband.

The extraordinary power of Magorimbo to turn the woman into a “zombie” was the reason she pleaded to give her evidence through the Victim Friendly Court facility.

The prosecutor Mr Michael Reza told the court that whenever the woman sees Magorimbo she turns into a “zombie”.

“The last time she saw him in court she had to be assisted out, she was under his spell,” he said.

Magorimbo’s lawyer Mr Charles Chinyama objected to have the woman testify in camera arguing that the court had no business dealing with mythical things.

“The word ‘zombie’ has supernatural connotations associated with evil and this is defamatory to my client. She has to come out and face the music,” he said.

However, Harare magistrate Mr Adonia Masawi dismissed the objection saying the woman was at liberty to give her evidence as she wishes.

In her testimony, the woman said she attended the church in 2011 because of marital problems.

“At the church Magorimbo summoned God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to talk to people through intercessors,” she said.

Through prophecy, the woman said she was told that her husband was using her as a goblin and would make more money after every sexual encounter.

“He told me that my husband was satanic and most times he would order me not to be intimate with him. I was to be cleansed of the evil spirits deposited by my husband in my womb but I had no idea how.

“When Magorimbo touched my forehead during prayers I would lose control, dance or move with closed eyes but not hitting anything.

“Magorimbo described the process as the dance of angels. On the day he raped me, he touched my forehead and I felt weak,” she said.

The woman added, between sobs, that she did not understand what was happening to her.

“After raping me he said I should pray, thanking God for what had happened,” she narrated.

Magorimbo pleaded not guilty to indecent assault, attempted rape and rape charges.

He is also accused of hugging tightly another 32-year-old female congregant before kissing her neck.

He allegedly tried to rape the woman but she overpowered him.

In his defence, Magorimbo said he never had feelings for the 32-year-old woman neither did he attempt to rape her. “This explains why no report was made at the relevant time,” said Mr Chinyama.

On the rape charge, Magorimbo told the court that the woman prostituted herself, enticing him to have a sexual relationship.

“The woman sent messages to the accused soliciting for a relationship. She got what she was hunting for and if her husband did not come across text messages this matter would not have seen light in the court.

“If one is a man of God it does not mean he is devoid of human feelings or temptation,” he said.

Source : The Herald