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A Harare man is in the habit of urinating and defecating in blankets in a bid to chase his wife from their matrimonial bed and send her back to her parents, the Civil Court heard yesterday. Pedzisai Kaguyo claimed her husband Gilbert Machenga was also in the habit of connecting a hosepipe and watering her each time he saw her sleeping on their matrimonial bed.

Machenga was seeking a protection order against Kaguyo whom he said was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him.

“She is refusing to share the bed with me and it’s now 11-years since we last had sexual intercourse,” he said.

Machenga told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Kaguyo was breaching his peace through her violent behaviour.

“I want her ordered to go back to her parents because I am tired of being verbally and physically abused over petty issues,” said Machenga.

Kaguyo denied the allegations levelled against her by Machenga and accused him of deliberately defecating and urinating on their bed for the purposes of fixing her.

“He is in the habit of urinating and defecating on the blankets saying that he was fixing me so that I would go back to my parents’ house,” she said.

Mr Nyatsanza dismissed Machenga’s application due to lack of merit and ordered the couple to solve their disputes amicably.

Source : The Herald