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A 31-year-old Chitungwiza man was kidnapped and sexually abused by a woman who was part of gang that had offered him a lift in town on Wednesday last week.

The man was kidnapped for three days at an unknown house in Chitungwiza.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said the man was on his way to an abattoir when he was offered a lift at a bus stop in Chitungwiza.

“A private car, a Honda CRV with four people, two men and two women, offered him a lift and it is not clear what transpired afterwards,” he said.

He said according to the man, he later woke up in a room where there was a bed and some black sheets with another man guarding him. It is reported that on four occasions one of the women would come into the room and become intimate with him using condoms.

He was dumped on Saturday after being robbed of U$50.

The man reported the matter at Avondale Police Station. Police are urging people to avoid private vehicles following several reports of such incidents.

No arrests have been made so far.

Source : The Herald