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A woman scalded her husband and his younger brother with porridge after they had urinated in a pot with food, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday. Linda Chavhunduka claimed Everisto Seka teamed up with his brother and urinated in the pot while she was cooking porridge. Seka was seeking a protection order against Chavhunduka whom he accused of scalding him with porridge. “I am a vegetable vendor and she is in the habit of coming with policemen to seize my goods knowing fully well that we depend on that for a living,” he said.

Seka told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Chavhunduka was also selling their matrimonial property and spending the money by herself.

“I am tired of being arrested by the policemen whom she brings at my market place. She is fighting hard to bring down my business despite that she also survives on it,” said Seka.

Chavhunduka denied all the other allegations except that of scalding Seka and his young brother with porridge.

“I got angry and scalded the two with boiling porridge after they had urinated in a pot with food,” she said.

Chavhunduka accused Seka of being in the habit of physically and verbally abusing her with obscene words in the presence of their children.

“I also want to be protected by this court because I am sick and tired of his violent behaviour,” said Chavhunduka.

Mr Nyatsanza dismissed Seka’s application due to lack of merit and ordered the two to go home and sort out their disputes amicably.

Source : The Herald