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A VICTORIA FALLS man has divorced his wife, barely five months after the young couple had a church wedding, accusing her of becoming too ill to sustain the marriage.

The rejected wife, Sifiso Ndumela does not challenge the divorce but has since gone to civil court to demand the return of her money – $1,173 – she claims she injected with all her heart into Gilbert Madyira’s small business during happier times.

The woman further claims the man was ditching her after she fell seriously sick with an undisclosed ailment.

“We started staying together in January 2013 and in May I fell ill and we separated after you left me because I was sick. Were you really in love with me or you just wanted to use me?” fumed Ndumela during a recent court hearing.

“I worked tirelessly last year and spent my money on his business items and what hurts me now is that he didn’t even come to see me when I fell sick but decided to dump me at my parents’ place.”

Madyira, on his part, is clear he made the right decision and has told the woman to stay away from him.

“She is only after punishing me for leaving her,” Madyira told local magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Thursday, “She is bitter because we separated and for a long time, she was refusing to come and collect her clothes. Probably she thought one day she would come back.”

He claims the woman from the resort town’s Chinotimba high density suburb is clinging on to a flimsy debt claim to punish him for initiating the divorce.

The couple wedded at a local church in December 2012, but just five months later, in May 2013, went separate ways after the woman fell seriously ill.

Ndumela says Madyira, instead of nursing her, actually went and dumped her at her rural home in Gwanda.

The woman has now dragged him to the civil court following to collapse of the marriage as she accuses him of refusing to reimburse her money.

She claims part of the money was for her church while the rest were proceeds she had realised from her own vending business.

Madyira denies the allegations, saying the woman was just itching to hurt him for causing the divorce.

The magistrate will make a decision on April 28.

Source : New Zimbabwe