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A HARARE tout, accused of having been part of a rogue group that stripped a woman naked early this month was Monday denied bail by magistrate Milton Serima.

In his judgement on the bail application by 23 year-old Marvellous Kandemiri, the magistrate argued that the accused was likely to abscond or commit a similar offence.

“The court is convinced that the charges are of a serious nature given the circumstances and one wonders if they (touts) were sober,” Serima said.

“It is the court’s view that the charges presented by the state are of a serious nature which makes the case very g.

“If granted bail the accused is likely to abscond or team up with his colleagues who are still at large. The behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and relegated the woman to an idol.”

The hearing was punctuated by singing and sloganeering by a group of women led by Harare West lawmaker, Jessie Majome who has been at the forefront of a campaign to force authorities to act on the culprits.

Majome led placard waving gender activists who were agitating for those accused to be hunted down and for Kandemiri to be denied bail.

She told journalists afterwards that government needed to take charge of all urban transportation to ensure the safety of the public and especially women.

“There is no public transportation system and this leaves commuters, especially defenceless women prone to such violent attacks,” Majome said.

“The government must come up with measures to address the current crisis as well as create employment to ensure that these people who have turned to touting for a living have decent jobs.

“We need an effective transport system that is convenient and reliable.”

Magistrate Serima seemed to have agreed to the group’s demands and remanded Kandemiri who is reportedly of no fixed abode in custody to January 12.

An amateur video shot during the vicious attack on the yet to be named woman went viral on social media amid a public outcry for the culprits’ arrest.

It is the State’s case that on or about December 12 this year at Fourth Street bus terminus in Harare, the unnamed complainant disembarked from a commuter omnibus, coming from Kuwadzana.

While, at the terminus, the court heard that Kandemiri and his alleged accomplices, who are still at large, began booing and whistling at her, accusing the woman of being a prostitute because of the way she was dressed.

A desperate bid by an unidentified man to protect the woman failed after the touts violently pulled her away and, in the process tore her clothes, leaving her stark naked at the same time hurling unprintable insults at her.

Serima heard that the woman made effort to cover up her exposed body, but Kandemiri and his colleagues persisted with their actions and started to remove her under clothes, it is alleged.

In an attempt to flee, the complainant got into a stationary commuter omnibus, but Kandemiri and his accomplices followed and pulled her out of the motor vehicle.

The unrelenting attacks, the court heard, only ended after the complainant had sought refuge in another commuter omnibus, which immediately drove away from the scene after she had paid $2 to the driver and conductor of the motor vehicle.

Kandemiri was arrested a day before Christmas as a police crackdown on the touts began to bear results.

Source : New Zimbabwe