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MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general Mr Elton Mangoma yesterday confirmed meeting the wife of the party’s provincial youth leader, Mr Believe Tevera, on three different occasions.

He, however, declined to disclose the purposes of the meetings, two of which took place in his Milton Park office.

Mr Mangoma, in the company of his wife Nancy, yesterday made a desperate attempt to clear his name, telling journalists in Harare that allegations of snatching Mr Tevera’s wife were concocted by “some of my colleagues.”

This comes as the MDC Renewal announced it had set up a committee to investigate reports that Mr Mangoma snatched Mr Tevera’s wife, Ms Yemurai Maravanyika. The extramarital affair has seen Ms Maravanyika leaving her home and is now renting a flat in Marlborough, courtesy of Mr Mangoma.

The pair is reported to have frequented a Harare Hotel, which they used as their love nest.

“I have met that young girl about three times and first she came here alone in my office,” said Mr Mangoma, who refused to field follow-up questions from journalists.

“The second time she came with a friend and the third time we met at a workshop, which was being organised by Mwanasikana Munhu in Glen View.”

Mr Mangoma had a bandaged head after clashing with Mr Tevera and his colleagues on Tuesday after the trio had gone to the MDC Renewal Team offices to petition the party leadership to investigate the matter.

The former Energy and Power Development minister said some party members were out to destroy him as two “diametrically opposed visions” had emerged in the political outfit.

The opposed visions, Mr Mangoma said, were irreconcilable.

“I am particularly worried about the complicity of some of my colleagues in the party in arranging and co-ordinating the violence,” he said, but refused to name the alleged party members.

“It is sad that some people would want to score cheap political points at the expense of people’s lives and through the use of young and vulnerable youths.”

On his relationship with MDC Renewal leader, Mr Tendai Biti, Mr Mangoma said: “It has not been as cordial as I would like it to be. We have not been discussing issues as much as I want to do. I leave it at that.”

MDC Renewal Team spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume, said the committee would look at the whole saga, including claims raised by Mr Mangoma.

“It would appear Mr Mangoma is making allegations of his own against unnamed party members and that will also be looked into,” he said.

“The committee will establish its findings and measures will be taken with the precision of a butcher’s cleaver and the force of a hippopotamus to rid the party of any manifestation of violence or unbecoming behaviour.”

Interestingly, Mr Mangoma last year actively pushed for MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step down on the grounds that his reputation was soiled by his involvement with many women, the same allegations he faces today.

Source : The Herald