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Former Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Steers Mangoma yesterday appeared in court for appointing OK Zimbabwe as a third party pre-paid electricity vendor without going to tender during his time in the inclusive Government.

Mangoma (54) allegedly instructed a Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company official to cancel a tender floated for pre-paid electricity vending and instead hand-picked OK Zimbabwe to do the job.

Harare magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe granted Mangoma a $1 000 bail and ordered him to surrender his passport, report once every week at CID Serious Frauds and to reside at his given address.

Mangoma, of number 25 Pendennis Road, Mt Pleasant, Harare, is facing charges of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer.

He is being represented by Ms Beatrice Mtetwa.

Through Ms Mtetwa, Mangoma raised a complaint against the police for not furnishing him with finer details of the allegations.

“I have complaints relating to section 71 (a) of the Constitution which requires an accused to be given full details of the allegations against him to enable him to answer to the charges,” said Ms Mtetwa.

“We asked for the relevant details and minutes and these were denied to him.”

Ms Mtetwa raised complaints against a profiling form used by the police which she said violated Mangoma’s right to privacy.

“We were not aware that every accused person is profiled using a form which asks them for information not relevant to the offence,” she said.

“The form asks about relationship status, whether you have a girlfriend or mistress, full details of your spouse and bank details.

“I will be filing a detailed application challenging the constitutional validity of the form. It infringes on section 51 of the Constitution and violates the right to privacy.”

The complainant in the matter is the State Procurement Board (SPB) represented by its principal office Mr Cledwyn Nyanhete.

The prosecutor Ms Sharon Mashavira alleged that when Mangoma was Minister of Energy and Power Development in the inclusive Government, he oversaw the operations of ZESA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and its subsidiaries, including ZETDC (Pvt) Ltd.

It is alleged that in August 2012, ZETDC floated tender number ZETDC 13 2012 for the appointment of third party pre-paid electricity vending and the closing date was October 2 the same year.

On September 17 2012, contrary to or inconsistent with his duties as a public officer, Mangoma directed ZETDC accounting officer Engineer Julian Chinembiri to cancel the tender.

Mangoma allegedly ordered Eng Chinembiri to appoint OK Zimbabwe without going to tender.

It is alleged that 10 days later, SPB cancelled the tender through PBR 1735 as per Eng Chinembiri’s instructions. On December 20 2012, OK Zimbabwe was appointed as the third party pre-paid electricity vendor.

Source : The Herald