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THE MDC-Renewal ad hoc committee set up to investigate allegations against founder and treasurer-general Elton Mangoma has recommended that his suspension from the party pending a disciplinary hearing.

Mangona, one of the key founders of the Renewal Team, is accused of hiring thugs to beat up a party member, Believe Tevera, who alleges that the ex-government minister was having an affair with his wife.

Reads the report presented by probe committee chair, Solomon Madzore: “Having carefully heard evidence, and read statements from key witnesses.

“It is clear to us that the charges that the facts in this matter generally fall under three categories which are … those that relate to violence against members of the party, those that relate to bringing the party into disrepute, those that relate to factionalism and creation of division and dis-cohesion in the party.

“From our findings above, we are satisfied, on the facts provided before us that Mr Mangoma has committed serious offenses.

“We have no doubt in our minds that Mr Mangoma, in trying to respond to allegations, against himself has failed to meet the standards expected of a senior party member and has himself gone on to commit offences against the party.”

Last week violence erupted at the party offices where Mangoma was bashed by Tevera who wanted to know why the ex-minister was having an affair with his wife.

A group of youths sympathetic to the former energy minister retaliated and assaulted the estranged husband and his colleague who had escorted him to confront Mangoma.

The committee said Mangoma had a significant role in the commotion that rocked the party and should be charged for violence.

“We find his role in the coordination and sponsoring of violence against party members to be overwhelming. The gang of youth and hired thugs were ferried and transported using the respondent’s vehicle,” the report stated.

When the party split from the main MDC-T, Mangoma was at the forefront in demonising former boss Morgan Tsvangirai on allegations of violence, abuse of women morals as well as tarnishing the name of the party through his behaviour.

But less than twelve months after the split, he is caught up in the same charges he levelled at the former prime minister, that is engaging in extra marital affairs and using violence as a tool to fight his political foes.

His suspension comes before the party could even celebrate its anniversary after moving away from the MDC-T.

The formation is preparing to hold an elective congress where Mangoma was set to fight it out against Tendai Biti as party president.

When the allegations of adultery were put to the public, Mangoma held a press conference to deny the charges but the probe team says he failed to explain himself and tarnished the image of the party instead.

At the press conference, Mangoma insinuated that the adultery allegations were being by rivals sponsored to ruin his political career.

“We find that the holding of a press conference and the utterances thereof to be undesirable and to have brought the name of the party into disrepute as he (Mangoma) dragged the entire party and some party leaders into his private social matter,” the probe committee stated.

“The respondent buttressed this mischief by aising the media at his press conference that the party was headed for a split.

“We find Mr Mangoma to possess unbridled ambition where he has employed unorthodox, illegal and uncouth means to fulfil his child hood ambition to become a president of something or anything before nature takes him.”

The committee stated that Mangoma refused to appear before them to respond to the allegations.

“We have carefully considered the onerous responsibility on our part. In arriving at this decision … we therefore hold that, in view of the gravity of the matter, it is our recommendation that the respondent (Mangoma) be suspended forthwith and not be allowed to be engaged in party activities, pending the disciplinary process.

“We also recommend that the identified members of the party involved in the perpetration of violence be subjected to a disciplinary process”.

Source : New Zimbabwe