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Thugs aligned to MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general Elton Mangoma brutally attacked the man whose wife was allegedly snatched by the former Energy and Power Development Minister and his two colleagues in Eastlea, Harare, yesterday.

Mr Believe Tevera, a provincial youth leader in the party and his colleagues –Messrs Pride Mukono and Makomborero Haruzivishe — had visited the MDC Renewal Team offices to petition the party leadership to investigate the matter.

The MDC Renewal Team was having a meeting at the party headquarters.

Sources said Mr Tevera entered the offices where he intended to hand over his letter of complaint to the party’s national chairman Mr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo.

Mr Nkomo had not yet arrived for the meeting and Mr Tevera handed over the letter to the party’s national organising secretary Mr Last Maengahama in Mr Mangoma’s presence.

“I asked Mr Mangoma why he had destroyed my marriage by taking away my wife (Yemurai Maravanyika), leaving my son without a mother. He pushed me and I retaliated. He fell on some glasses and got injured,” said Mr Tevera.

He said as he was leaving the offices, thugs loyal to Mr Mangoma pounced on him.

They also assaulted his companions.

“They pulled me from a taxi that I had boarded and assaulted me using a chain. They also assaulted Mukono and Haruzivishe seriously injuring them,” said Mr Tevera.

Messrs Tevera, Mukono and Haruzivishe reported the assault at Harare Central Police Station under IR 051347.

But other senior MDC Renewal Team officials had a different version to what happened.

“He came and handed over a letter of complaint to Mr Last Maengahama. On seeing that Mr Mangoma was in attendance, he asked him why he was cheating with his wife to an extent of the wife abandoning a one-year-old child. He beat up Mangoma severely. Mangoma crashed into a French door, destroying it in the process. He bled profusely and was rushed to hospital. As I speak to you, Mangoma’s head is bandaged,” said the MDC Renewal official.

“Youths loyal to Mangoma then followed Mr Tevera and assaulted him as he was leaving the party offices. They injured him together with two other men.”

The official said MDC Renewal resolved to set up a team to investigate issues raised by Mr Tevera and the violence that occurred at the party head office.

“We have set a team to investigate the issues raised by Mr Tevera and the violence that occurred today (yesterday) at our offices,” said the official.

In a letter to MDC Renewal chairman Mr Sipepa Nkomo, Mr Tevera wants the party to discipline Mr Mangoma.

“I am a duly elected member of the provincial youth executive, holding the post of secretary for education. My complaint arises from the conduct of Mr Mangoma who between January 2015 and now has been in an affair with my wife Yemurai Maravanyika whom I am customarily married to. The affair has resulted in my wife fleeing home and abandoning our one-year-old son.”

Mr Tevera said Mr Mangoma’s actions brought suffering to him and his family especially his son who still needs motherly care.

“Furthermore, Mr Mangoma’s adamant attitude has made it difficult for us to resolve this amicably as he is refusing to answer my calls or return messages,” he said.

Mr Tevera claims the issue has created despondency in MDC Renewal.

“Many young people no longer feel safe to associate with the party leadership and there have been ongoing conflicts characterised by threats coming from individuals aligned to Mr Mangoma which is not conducive especially as we go towards congress soon,” he said.

Mr Tevera claims “to have overwhelming evidence” against Mr Mangoma.

“It is, therefore, my request to the party leadership that you consider this issue seriously and accord me the opportunity to present my case. It is my firm belief that our internal disciplinary mechanisms can allow justice to prevail in this case.”

Yesterday MDC Renewal spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume denied that the party has set up a team to probe Mr Mangoma.

He, however, said if the allegations raised against Mr Mangoma were proved true, action would be taken.

“There are two issues. Firstly, the issue of Mr Mangoma as reported (by The Herald). The issue is purely a private affair whereby Mr Tevera is alleging that his wife has been taken by Mr Mangoma. There are avenues available at law for Mr Tevera. He may sue for adultery or deal with it in a manner aised by his lawyers. Mr Mangoma would be able to answer for himself. As a party we will wait for due process to take its course between the three private citizens,” Mr Mafume said.

“Until the allegations are proved, we cannot pre-empt anything but if it comes out to be true, then the party will look at it and deal with the allegations.”

Mr Mafume said the second issue was on violence.

He said the MDC Renewal does not condone violence and will investigate what transpired.

Interestingly Mr Mangoma last year actively pushed for MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step down on the grounds that his reputation was soiled by his involvement with many women.

Reads part of Mr Mangoma’s letter to Mr Tsvangirai dated January 26, 2014: “How will you put closure to the issue of women in your life and ensure that these will not continue to erode your and the party’s brand?

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Mangoma were fruitless yesterday.

Source : The Herald