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“I wanted to come up with something unique and was obviously inspired by my father as I grew up”.

ALONGSIDE the likes of Freedom Sengwayo, Brian Sibalo and Jordan Chataika, Mechanic Manyeruke is no doubt one of the doyens and pioneers of gospel music in Zimbabwe as we know it.

But after taking a back seat to active recording and releasing, the genre had seen other new names rise in his stead. All that is dramatically about to change, with the aent of the prince of gospel music, if Mechanic is, indeed, the reigning monarch ahead of all else.

His son, Alexander Manyeruke, and older brother to Zimdancehall chanter Guspy Warrior, has come to the fray with a refreshing sound of Gospel music as it was known in the good old days with an effort entitled Bukira Re Vhangeri.

The young gospel prince lays claim to his father’s throne with a six track effort that is a raw individual show of talent and rich lyricism while the guitar string palates of the original Manyeruke gospel sound are audible and almost palpable in their beauty.

“I wanted to come up with something unique and was obviously inspired by my father as I grew up,” says the laid back Alexander.

And yet there is one striking piece of magic that makes Alexander a unique heir in the music world.

Unlike many who have ridden on the backs of their parent’s (particularly father’s) names and popularity, name recognition was far from Alexander’s weapon of choice. In fact he was something of a closet talent.

Not only did he not choose to either include his father on any track on his album nor go the way of remaking any of the gems from Mechanic Manyeruke’s rich discography he went one better. He wanted to be his own man.

He did not approach daddy for aice and lyrical freebies, his father had no clue what the young Manyeruke was up to in his spare time that he was recording an album in the gospel genre.

“I just wanted to record in private and show my father a finished product at the end of it all. I wanted to be my own man and to make it on my own individual effort,” he says with pride. And he has certainly woven together a magical musical ride in his debut album that is expressly his own.

Music runs in more places than his genes. Alexander, like his younger sibling Guspy, was educated at Msengezi High School famed for the Msengezi High Choir that brought the world the gem of an album Ngaisangane Africa amongst many other memorable hits and albums.

Yet many who learned with the gentlemanly mannered Alexander remember him a s a young chap with a raspy breaking voice. Few would have believed it would blossom and bloom to become the crackling yet crisp voice riddled with character that has made Bukira Re Vhangeri an album to die for.

While all the songs on the album are exceptional, the album opens with a bolting winner in the track Writing, which gets Alexander off his mark with a determined promise that here is a fresh take on gospel music from someone who sings from the heart.

“I love music. I am passionate about gospel and I live the life I sing and preach in song,” he says.

“I will be launching the album officially soon when sponsors come on board and help make the launch a winning affair,” says Alexander with more than hope written in his voice.

His father is now very much a part of the project and is elated that his gospel music throne now has an active heir. And so a new era of gospel music royalty has begun. Alexander is definitely the real thing the sound gospel has been waiting for.

Interestingly, he also happens to have a ger bond with his father apart from music. He is also by profession, well… .a mechanic!

Source : Financial Gazette