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WORLD Boxing Council welterweight international champion Charles Manyuchi’s comments have angered his handlers — Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions — who have threatened to cancel their partnership with the Zimbabwean boxer unless he issues a public apology by Wednesday. Last week Manyuchi is reported to have wept uncontrollably over the apparent failure by the Government to recognise his feat of being the first Zimbabwean to win a world boxing title.

Manyuchi beat Ghana’s Patrick Allotey to win the vacant in Lusaka last month.

Our Masvingo Bureau reported that Manyuchi said he turned down an offer to change his citizenship to Zambian which was needed for him to get more benefits from boxing in that country.

“To tell you the truth, the amount that I got for beating Allotey was just US$6 000 but a Zambian woman who fought and won at the same event pocketed a cool US$25 000 and on top of that a 12-roomed house is being built for her in Zambia.

“The Zambians are telling me that I should switch my citizenship to become a Zambian if I am to be given better rewards,” Manyuchi said.

But it seems Manyuchi might have misfired after Chris Malunga from Oriental Boxing Promotions indicated that he was not happy with the statements attributed to the boxer and needed an satisfactory explanation or else the contract would be terminated.

“We are not happy at all to read reports of what Charlie is alleged to have said. If he wants to fight with the Zimbabwean Government, he should not involve our stable or our Government.

“If he behaves like that, then he is a disgrace,” said Malunga.

Malunga challenged Manyuchi to bring evidence that Zambian female boxer Cathrine Phiri, who fought on the same night he beat Allotey, got US$25 000 and a 12-roomed house.

“The US$25 000 that he is talking about is a complete lie. It’s false and he knows how much he pocketed although we do not want to disclose that to the public. His actions are damaging to the relationship that we had built over the time.

“When and who asked him to change nationality? What would we gain if he fights as a Zambian? In my opinion Zambia and Zimbabwe are almost the same country.

“Does he know that changing nationality does not happen overnight and it’s a process? Does he know what is involved? So he has to prove all the allegations that he is making otherwise we will have nothing to do with him.

“I have spoken to him and he said he never said that to The Herald but as far I know The Herald is a credible newspaper and could not just manufacture the statements.

“We have given him until Wednesday to issue an apology, if he cannot prove his claims, or we will stop working with him.

“Right now we are ready to write to the World Boxing Championship and the African Boxing Union. The Zambians are very upset over what he said. We have done a lot for Manyuchi and we have treated him well but he is becoming reckless in his statements,” said Malunga.

Malunga also castigated Manyuchi for stoking the fires, even before a dream fight against Floyd Mayweather has materialised.

“He is spoiling everything with Mayweather now when the fight has not even been conceived. I honestly believe that Manyuchi has a bright future, but he is spoiling this. He is still not up there,” said Malunga.

But Manyuchi yesterday claimed that he never spoke to Herald journalist George Maponga.

While Manyuchi denied the report in The Herald, the Masvingo Mirror also carried a story, whose contents were similar to the Zimpapers publication.

The boxer, who is also the ABU welterweight champion, also made stunning allegations that journalists “misquoted” him.

Source : The Herald