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Afro-soul crooner Cynthia Mare has added new flavours to her songs to give them a contemporary feel. Mare who performed at Book Cafe recently at a carnival gig dubbed “Celebrating Afrika” introduced to the revellers one of her new face-lifted songs “Catch Me When I Fall” which now includes lyrics from rapper Tytan CEO who does lyrics in Ndebele.

Tytan CEO of the Abra Tribe did not disappoint as he gave a top drawer performance which provided the song “Catch Me When I Fall” a really new and fresh feeling which the crowd enjoyed.

Mare said her decision to rope in such talent was to make her music more appealing to all age groups. She said it would also provide a platform of sharing stage with other upcoming musicians.

“The opportunity created is to offer upcoming musicians a platform to share and shine as some do not get chances to show what they have.

“I see myself also as an upcoming musician so I do not have any problem working with other upcoming artistes to reach our goals.

“On the other hand it also freshens up the songs which may also help to make them more appealing to different age groups,” said the musician.

Mare also included legendary guitarist Clive “Mono” Mkundu as well as Pakare Paye graduate David Kanyuchi in her ensemble for the gig.

After Mare’s performance, man of the moment Jah Prayzah came on stage with his troop and also mesmerised fans with a scintillating performance.

The lanky singer belted out his new hit “Kumbumura Mhute” which sent the crowd to their feet and his energetic performances left many convinced that the man has a lot more to offer and is here to stay. The event also saw commendable acts from BaShupi as well as Victor Kunonga with the former giving a spirited performance that left fans yearning for more.

Source : The Herald