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THE Marondera town council has resorted to the use of its ambulance and fire brigade vehicles to chase and book-in offending commuter omnibus drivers.

The town has, for months, been battling to increase its revenue collection in order to pay its bloated workforce.

In what many see as an attempt to raise more revenue, the council has resorted to the ambulance and fire brigade vehicles which are used by the municipal police officers to catch drivers who operate from illegal pick-up points.

It could not be established why the town had opted for such a move instead of letting the two vehicles carry out their normal daily duties.

However, a kombi driver, plying the Harare-Marondera route, Isaac Mlambo, confirmed that the two council vehicles were now used daily by the municipal police officers to clamp down on kombis operating at illegal pick-up points.

“If you are caught, your vehicle is impounded and you are made to pay a fine of anything up to $50 depending on how you deal with the council officers.

However, in most cases, once caught, one pays nothing more that $5 through bribes,” said Mlambo.

The kombi drivers blasted the move by the council to use the two vehicles as they were putting the lives of residents, passengers and other road users at risk as the kombi drivers take-off at a high speed once the ambulance or the fire brigade truck approaches.

“These are critical vehicles, which should be on 24 hour standby at clinics or council offices in case of accidents in the town but they are being used to cause confusion on the roads.

“However, we will not stop from operating from these undesignated points because of them,” said one of the kombi drivers.

Last March, Mutare businessman and Zanu PF senior official, Esau Mupfumi dragged two Marondera council employees to court accusing them of throwing spikes on his bus and damaging two tyres.

Source : New Zimbabwe