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A MAN who could not stomach paying maintenance to his married lover revealed to the court that his lover was a cheat who was cheating on her South African-based husband.

This came to light after Prudence Paradzai had approached the courts seeking for maintenance upwards variation from $40 to $180 from the father of her child, Gift Mukweya, last week, despite being lawfully wedded to someone else.

Paradzai applied for $200 maintenance in September 2014 when she was still carrying Mukweya’s pregnancy.

She approached the courts claiming that Mukweya had impregnated her, but the court dismissed the application stating that a maintenance order could only be granted to a child and not a pregnancy.

However, a $40 maintenance order was granted to Paradzai in November after she had applied again after the birth of her child.

“Paradzai is someone else’s wife and the child she is claiming maintenance for belongs to her husband.

When I slept with her, she was already married and already pregnant too.

“However, I did not know that she was married then. She lied to me that she was single and later told me that she was pregnant and could not let her husband look after someone else’s child.

“Now she wants the amount to be varied upwards only because I cannot afford to prove that the child is not mine.

“I have no money for the DNA tests Your Worship because I am unemployed at the moment,” argued Mukweya.

He also claimed that Paradzai was a thorn in his flesh as she was in the habit of blackmailing him into sleeping with her whenever her husband leaves for South Africa.

“Whenever her husband goes back to South Africa after a visit, she stalks me and forces me to sleep with her Your Worship.

“If only I could be helped and granted a protection order against her as well I will enjoy my peace,” he pleaded.

Paradzai, however, told the court that Mukweya was the father of her child and was supposed to pay the $180 maintenance.

“You knew I was married when you slept with me and if you do not pay, I will inform my husband the next time he comes to Zimbabwe,” she threatened Mukweya.

Mrs Chigodora varied the maintenance order to $60 and ordered Mukweya to go for DNA tests by December 31, 2015.

Source : The Herald