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HURUNGWE North legislator CDE Reuben Marumahoko (Zanu-PF) yesterday told the National Assembly there was nothing wrong with public sector bosses earning high salaries as long as they were contractually agreed. He was debating a motion calling for the establishment of a Parliamentary ad-hoc committee to investigate public sector corruption and recommend remedies.

“If you look at the discussion that was in this Parliament, Mr Speaker as result of salaries which ended up as salarygate, the first questions that come to mind is how did this happen? The man applies for a job, he goes for an interview and he offers his services.

“The company asks what are you worth? The man says whatever he is worth and the company agrees that we pay and the contract is drawn and the man is paid. Would it be his real problem if he is paid a high salary?

“This is an agreement between the employer and the employee. Where does corruption come in? He has been offered whatever salary he is offered. Mr president Kennedy said there is no employee who will ever be satisfied with his salary,” Cde Marumahoko said.

He said it would only be corruption if the salaries were not in the contracts.

Cde Marumahoko also questioned where the line ministers and boards were when executives were earning huge salaries.

His remarks were met with murmurs of disapproval.

Former PSMAS chief executive Dr Cuthbert Dube, suspended ZBC boss Mr Happison Muchechetere and Harare Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi, were among the first executives to have their huge salaries exposed, prompting Government to temporarily cap public sector packages at US$6 000 inclusive of allowances.

Bikita West representative Dr Munyaradzi Kereke said most CEOs had clandestinely increased their salaries.

“I want to respectfully differ that the so called salarygate is invalid particularly where executives would have overruled sitting boards in making certain decisions. It then means they would have fast-tracked their ascendancy of their conditions of service which would not be the same with the conditions of service they bargained for when they joined the respective institutions,” he said.

Dr Kereke commended Government’s remuneration cap.

Kuwadzana representative Mr Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) said senior Government officials, including ministers, fingered in corruption resign so as to foster public confidence.

Source : The Herald